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Toll Free Numbers

Jennifer Williams

Now that you are the proud new owner of a toll free vanity number, it’s time to share it with the world! (After all, what good is your cool new phone number if no one calls it?) 

Here are a few places you can put your vanity toll free number for all to see: 

Jennifer Williams

Remember when cell phones were something very few people had? I may be dating myself, but when I was in grade school I had an actual address book. An address book made out of paper. And I wrote down phone numbers in it. I know, right? Very special people, as in my 5 BFFs (my squad, if you will), had the honor of getting their phone numbers memorized.

Jennifer Williams

Last week I talked about some fun and clever ways to use toll free numbers – from using them to vote for reality TV stars to being a movie star (I’m looking at you, Bill Murray) to providing a little extra to fans of TV and movies.

Jennifer Williams

Around here we’re big fans of toll free numbers. Seriously, sometimes we just sit around brainstorming new toll free numbers that we can use for things (I’m not even joking).

Jennifer Williams

Toll free numbers have become very commonplace in today’s business world due to the proven success they have provided to many entrepreneurs and companies. Toll free numbers offer your potential and returning customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business and have been demonstrated to increase sales.