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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Small Business Edition

Jennifer Williams

Reduce, Reuse, RecycleThe Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle--we’ve been hearing about them since we were in almost kindergarten!  Today the “3R’s” still remain true! On April 22, we will be celebrating Earth Day, a time to be grateful for mother earth, and a time to protect her.

Did you know that you can save money for your small business by simply using the “Three R’s?”

Yes, it’s true! ….And customers love eco-friendly businesses!

Here are some ideas to utilize the “Three R’s:”


  • Go Paperless!!

Not only will you save hundreds on dollars on printing and paper, you will be conserving trees as well!  Digital is the future, so start now!  Simple switches such as digital receipts and informational booklets can save you and your business lots!

  • Only use electricity when you need it!

Take advantage of the natural sunlight! Be sure to unplug all outlets when you are not needing to use them and turning off the lights before you leave!  

  • Carpool

Work event coming up? Live in the same neighborhood as your co-worker? Consider carpooling together and emit less pollutants into the environment!

Flying solo? Check out your local public transportation system or maybe even ride your bike or walk to work!  (Even once a week will make a huge difference for planet Earth and your wallet!)


  • Refillable water station

Encourage employees to utilize reusable water bottles and create a filling station in your workplace!

  • Use the backside of old paper for scrap work
  • Something old, something new

Donate old items you don’t use anymore or need.  Also, consider taking something old and recreating its purpose for something new!

  • Only use what you need

Stop overbuying and keep an inventory list of what you need and actually use to keep your business going strong!  This can save you tons and declutter your workspace!

  • Reusable shopping bags

Encourage customers to use reusable bags when shopping, maybe even create some for your customers to purchase!


  • Separate your trash!

Organize your trash bins! Separate your paper, compost, cans and etc. into the correct bins. (Many local cities and towns will give you bins for free!)

  • Discard electronics properly

New cell phone or computer? Recycle it properly!  Check to see if your local area has an electronic recycling center or perhaps host a day for others to bring old electronics to you to discard properly.  Be the cool business who cares!

Pretty simple right? Reduce, reuse and recycle are pretty easy concepts and ideas to set forth in your small business, and not only will you help protect our Earth and show customers your commitment to sustainability, but you may even save some dollars too!

Put these new ideas and protocols into play this year and Happy Earth Day!