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The Future of VoIP

Jennifer Williams

Last week, we reviewed a 2014 VoIP Services research study and many experts' responses that claimed 2015 would be the “Year of VoIP.” We certainly agree 2015 was one of many years of VoIP, though we would not characterize it as the year. We have a very positive expectation of where VoIP is going; VoIP is on the rise, and its ascent isn’t stopping any time soon. 

This confident outlook for VoIP includes thoughts from another VoIP services study released in 2015 which forecasted the global VoIP industry going forward through 2021. This study covered many of the same aspects as the 2014 study, and noted, “The market for phone to phone VoIP or mobile VoIP (mVoIP) will raise the revenue for VoIP service providers.” 

We want to share the main points of the 2015 study and high hopes for VoIP’s growth going forward. 

Demand for VoIP Services 

The 2015 VoIP research study claims that the “BYOD trend and demand for mobility is leading to growth of smart devices in the market and hence increasing the growth of VoIP services across the globe.” 

It’s true, more business people and entrepreneurs are on the move 24/7 partly due to the convenience that mVoIP provides. It’s only a matter of time before word spreads even more, and everyone is using VoIP on their phone, tablet, or laptop. This means much more growth in the VoIP industry.  

Cost of VoIP 

The 2015 VoIP report stated: “Business consumers are adopting the cloud based hosted business solutions which are cost effective and offer high quality of service.” And phone companies have begun to learn their lesson regarding data charging.  

Lower data prices means more adoption of VoIP and cloud-hosted solutions. 

VoIP Features 

The 2015 VoIP study details VoIP’s features as “service mobility, integrated applications, user control interface and other rich features.” 

As we mentioned in the last article, a newer selling point of VoIP is increased security of VoIP over landline telephones. This feature in particular has many more companies signing up for VoIP in 2015, and going forward it will be one of the top-selling features of VoIP. If companies begin to insist on VoIP-only conference calls, the VoIP industry boom is guaranteed.  

VoIP Ease of Use 

The 2015 VoIP research found that, “Technological advancement has enabled the network operators to enhance their infrastructure and use of VoIP on these networks has increased over the past few years.”  

We believe high-speed Internet networks will continue to spread across the U.S. as well as other countries, allowing VoIP to be adopted by even more users.  


With more and more mobile users adopting mVoIP, the hosted VoIP service market has a ton of room to grow. With high-speed internet networks going up all over the globe, and awareness of VoIP increasing, VoIP has nowhere to go but up.  

We continue to see growth, and believe we have yet to see the biggest leap in adoption.  So while “the year of VoIP” title remains unclaimed, the future of VoIP remains very bright.