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FreedomVoice Joins the GoDaddy Family

Jennifer Williams

The FreedomVoice team is so excited about joining the GoDaddy family – everyone’s been shouting from the rooftops how thrilled we are about growing. 

FreedomVoice celebrated the news last Tuesday with GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, CPO Steven Aldrich, Barry Saik, who recently joined GoDaddy as General Manager and Senior Vice President of Telephony, and many other friends and special guests. 

FreedomVoice CEO Eric Thomas, who will become the new Telephony Revenue and Integration Officer at GoDaddy, was greeted with many high fives, fist pumps, hugs, and smiles at the news. He mentioned we’ve all left an imprint on FreedomVoice to make it the success that it is today, and said he's looking forward to taking FreedomVoice products to new heights. 

Blake told attendees we’re going to have an absolute blast growing business over the next few years . GoDaddy's primary goal is to help people easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. 

Barry told us he was so excited about the opportunity we have in front of us, and that he has never seen such a passionate group of people – on both sides – about the customers and about delivering for the customers. It seems GoDaddy and FreedomVoice truly are business soulmates, because both companies have the same drive to look after customers. 

Over here at FreedomVoice, we continue to do what we do best: help our customers get the most out of their phone services to help their businesses thrive! Thank you to the GoDaddy family for being so warm and welcoming. We look forward to helping GoDaddy grow their small business offerings.