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5 Reasons Why You Should be Using LinkedIn for Your Small Business

Jennifer Williams

LinkedIn, the business professional networking site.  Many of us business professionals have one, but do we have one for our business?  When we think of social media and networking sites for our business, usually Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the first to come to our mind, not LinkedIn.  However, LinkedIn is just as important and effective! 

Here’s why you should make a company account page:

1. Optimize your SEO 

When a customer or potential customer searches for your business on Google for example, it will be another page available to them in the top search rankings.  (Hint: use popular keyword searches in your profile to increase search traffic.)

2. Utilize analytics 

Did you know when you create a company page, you receive free analytics? Yup, it’s true!  Analytics are a great way to provide insight on who is looking at your page, engagement levels, followers and much more.  Analyzing your analytics is important to a successful profile page!

3. Provide company updates (frequently) 

Keep your followers (and potential followers) in the loop with frequent company updates.  One of the really great things about LinkedIn is the ability to segment your company status updates specific to groups and followers based on job industry/function, location and more. 

Updates not only provide content to followers' news feed, but keeps your company on their mind! 

4. Recruit employees

One of the most common uses on LinkedIn is the careers feature, and with your company page, you have access to post openings. If you are really looking for top candidates and customization, you can purchase a “careers package,” and see analytics on your listing. 

5. Join groups or create your own!

Network and promote your business by joining LinkedIn groups specific to your field, charities, interests or just general business groups.  This will help you grow your LinkedIn network and connect with people all over the globe.  Also, this will allow your followers to see what your company is passionate and interested about. 

Want to go one step further? Create your own group! Promote your business, share ideas--be a leader and you’ll get noticed!

LinkedIn company profiles are great social media and networking profiles.  With all of its great features, it can really help bring your business to the next level in terms of getting noticed and networking!

 Happy networking!