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  • How do we get started with CloudPBX?

    The first step is to request a risk-free consultation. One of our friendly consultants will contact you to go over what you need from your business phone system and how our solution can help. We will then pair you with a certified CloudPBX partner local to your area, who can provide an on-site or online demo, assess your network, and ultimately will install and configure your service to meet your precise requirements.

  • Can we add more phones or offices as our business grows?

    Yes! As a cloud-hosted service, CloudPBX is not constrained in growth or tied to a specific location and helps you scale up with ease. You may add new phones or office locations, including home offices, at any time by contacting your local partner.  All phones on your service are connected seamlessly on the same phone system to present the appearance of a single unified office to your callers.

  • How does CloudPBX save me money?

    CloudPBX service is billed in a truly unique fashion to help you keep your costs down. Most business phone systems charge one high monthly rate per user, even for phones that are rarely used. With CloudPBX, you are billed one low rate for trunk lines (simultaneous call capacity) and a very low per user rate. Breaking these into two separate charges affords you considerably greater flexibility in controlling your costs to fit your usage, resulting in tremendous net savings.

  • Can we use desktop softphone applications?

    Yes. CloudPBX service is compatible with the X-Lite (desktop) and Bria (mobile) softphone applications from CounterPath. These programs allow you to use your service to place, receive, and manage calls without the need for a physical desktop phone (though you may use a desktop phone as well at your discretion). For more information on these applications, please visit

  • Does FreedomVoice have a mobile app?

    Yes! Our mobile app is available for iPhone or Android and transforms your cell phone or tablet into a more powerful business tool. With our mobile app, you can make calls and present your business phone number as Caller ID instead of your personal number, plus access your voicemails, faxes, send and receive text messages and more! You can download our mobile app here: iPhone | Android

  • Can I send or receive text messages with my CloudPBX Service?

    Yes! You can send and receive SMS text messages with your CloudPBX main business number as caller ID using our mobile app. Unlimited SMS texting is included with all FreedomVoice plans. Simply download our mobile app here: iPhone | Android

  • Can calls be forwarded to mobile devices if unanswered?

    Sure. For each extension, you can set up a call forwarding list with the phones and phone numbers you want to send the call to. You can also configure the times of day or days of week you know you will be in the office, and send forwarded calls straight to mobile phones or voicemail any other time.

  • Do we get a local direct dial number for each phone?

    Yes. When activating each phone online, you will be able to choose from a selection of local phone numbers in or near your area that when dialed will directly ring to that phone instead of going through your automated attendant and extensions.

  • Can we dial 911 from a CloudPBX device?

    Of course. By law, and because we care about your safety, we provide enhanced 911 (E911) dialing services with your CloudPBX service.  Any connected device is able to dial 911 to reach emergency services.

  • Who do we contact for help with our service?

    Your local CloudPBX partner is your first line of support, able to quickly resolve issues or change your setup thanks to a deep understanding of your configuration and their ability to come on-site, if necessary. If for any reason your partner cannot be reached, our Customer Care team is available by phone at  (480) 463-8290 or by email at You can also find quick answers in our online user community or connect with us on social media on Facebook or Twitter.  

  • We had call quality issues with other providers. Will that be a problem here?

    No. We have had 20 years to refine our backbone voice platform, and we have taken every measure to ensure we are providing a service our customers can depend on. We don’t cut corners or settle for mediocrity, choosing instead to deploy multiple redundant data centers nationwide and peering with a blend of top-tier carriers so that we can offer the most reliable solution on the market.

  • Can we send or receive faxes with CloudPBX?

    Yes! Your CloudPBX main phone number doubles as a fax line and can receive faxes. These faxes will be stored online, can be sent to you by email as a PDF, or can be forwarded on to a physical fax machine. You can also send faxes out by uploading the document(s) you want to fax and entering the phone number(s) you want to fax to.

  • Can we customize the hold music?

    Yes! Your hold music is yours to change at any time. Many of our customers choose to upload properly-licensed professional music or swap out hold music entirely in favor of promotional messages.

  • Can we block or screen unwanted or harassing calls?

    Yes – you control who gets to call you and can block calls from telemarketers or other harassing phone numbers by adding these phone numbers to your call blocking list. You can also screen your calls with options like having the caller speak their name and hear this upon answering before choosing whether to connect, send to voicemail, or hang up.

  • How do we check our voicemail messages?

    Most users prefer to check their messages directly from their phone by pressing the Messages key. Each extension can also be configured to send messages to your choice of email addresses, complete with the caller’s phone number, the date and time of the call, and an audio file attachment.

  • Can we pay by check? How are we invoiced?

    Yes! If you prefer to pay your ongoing charges by automated (ACH) or physical check, please inform your CloudPBX partner or contact our Billing department directly at (480) 463-8290.

    Your monthly invoices will be sent to you by email.  You can also check your transaction history online at any time, including detailed invoices that you can open or download as a PDF.